Drive Times

When doing the full driver’s education program each student gets 4 two hour driving lessons. We drive 7 days a week, virtually all day. These are done individually. Because they are individual lessons, they book in advance. Drive times can be several months out. Please note that driver’s education is meant to be started at 15 years and 5 months (a month before they can get their permit) and spread out over a 6-month time frame. We do offer a special cancellation list (see below) for students who have already met their other requirements.

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Cancellation List

Students who have already met their other requirements may be added to this list to get opportunities to get done sooner. We will schedule the student’s original drive times (wherever we are scheduling at that time) and then we will add them to the list. As we get cancellations / openings we will give the student a call and ask them if they would like to move up a drive time. Usually this is done one at a time, however, sometimes we are able to move up multiple drives times. We can contact you anytime from 10 before the drive time or a few days before hand. We understand that teenagers have crazy schedules, so they are not penalized if they cannot take the openings, they will remain on the list until all four of their drive times are moved up or they have reached their original times. Please note that if your student is getting done by their eligibility date, we will not add them to the list. It is best for the drive times to be as close to the date that they take their test as possible (within contract dates) for that last-minute practice.

Students can schedule drive times after they are paid in fulltaken one class, and we have seen their temporary permit. If the student is paid in full and shows their temps the first day of class you can call and schedule these the next day but we ask that you do not call until AFTER 2PM. This gives the office time to process all the paperwork and payments.


Drive Time Procedures

We will pick up and drop off each student for each of their lessons. By default, we will pick up and drop off at home, however, other arrangements can be made. While our drive times are one-on-one they are set up like a relay. For example, a student driving from 8-10 a.m. will drive for 2 hours and then drive to the next student’s house (student who drives 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.), then move to the back seat, and then that second student will drive them home and so on. We do our best to try to keep students within the same area so students can get back home as quickly as possible. We ask that students are ready and waiting with their permit at the time of the scheduled appointment. If the student does not appear within 10 mins, the instructor will leave, issuing a “no show fee” (see below) to your student.

Each lesson is catered to the student’s abilities. We will do our best to challenge them, yet stay within their skill set. Keep in mind that if your student is still in the basic stages, that is what we will be teaching them. It is best for them to have as many of their 50 parental hours completed by the time they get to us. We like to be able to get to the more difficult tasks like rush hour traffic, the expressway, tricky intersections, roundabouts, maneuverability, and sometimes we can even take them over to the exam station area to get them familiar with those tricky spots. We are unable to do this if they are still in the beginning stages.


No Show Fees

A “no show fee” is a $25 CASH fee assessed to your account. If we show up for an appointment and your student is not home (or where we designated to pick them up), does not have their permit, or if they do not have the proper glasses / contacts (if they have a restriction) this fee will be linked to their account. Also, students must give our office a 24-hour notice for any cancellations or a no show fee will be assessed. We have an answering machine that is time and date stamped so if you need to make any cancellations while the office is closed you can. These fees must be paid in CASH as it goes directly to the instructor for their lost wages. All fees must be paid before the student will receive their certification.

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