Update 4/1/2020

Unfortunately, we had to change the way we are inviting the kids to the zoom meetings.  Each registered student will receive a daily email from us with the zoom id and password for the class.  The hot link to each class has been removed from our class schedule tab.

Update 3/23/2020

We have been in communication with the Driver Training Program office in Columbus, at this time we have to close our doors for both classroom and one-on-one drive time.  However, we were state approved and have implemented a Virtual Live Online class for all of our students.  This virtual class schedule will be as followed;

You/your student can register to start the VIRTUAL CLASS at one of the following dates, we just ask you to either email or call us so we can add their start date to the contract.



5/5/2020  (if needed to still be online)

5/19/2020 (if needed to still be online)

Time of Virtual Class:

Week One: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:30-8:45 pm;

Week Two, Tuesday and Wednesday 4:30-8:45 pm and Thursday 4:30-7:45 pm.

Zoom Virtual Class Links:

REMINDER: You only need to take each class one time; they can be taken out of order if needed however keep in mind class #6 has to be last.

How to access the Zoom Virtual Class:.

  1. You must be a registered Toledo Driving School Student
  2. You MUST go to website on your computer or phone to sign up FIRST, its FREE or if using a phone you need to download the zoom app then register.  After registering you need verify your account through your email.
  3. Open the daily email from us with the Meeting ID and password.
  4. If you need the meeting ID and password to make up a class either email or call our office.
  • You MUST have a webcam and microphone for class
  1. Please be in and ready to go as class will start at 4:30, we won’t be able to allow you to join late!
  2. Participation is key! Please keep your microphone off unless you’re called on or raise your hand to ask a question. We will explain every thing in detail at the beginning of each class.

Final Exam:

  1. After completing the above hours, they will need to register online at our website for a 1-hour time slot to come into our office to take a proctored exam.  We can only allow 8 students per testing period due to the new regulation of only allowing 10 or less people together and maintaining our 6 feet social distancing.   At that time we will need both the student and parent to come into the office to sign the contract.
  2. Go the same link to our website above and click on the date you would like to take the proctored exam. If you can’t make the scheduled time you chose, please go back in and reschedule to allow someone else to have your time spot.

We here, at Toledo Driving School are doing our part to reduce the spread of the disease overall, we are sanitizing our classroom and bathrooms between each testing group and are continuing to sanitize our cars between each student.

We are asking you to please use your own best judgment if you should be sending your child to a take their final exam or drive time.  If your child isn’t feeling well, please keep them home.  We will work with you individually to reschedule the test date or drive times.

This is a fluid situation, if anything changes, we will be in direct communication with you ASAP.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Office Hours:

As of 3/24/2020 our office will be closed until the shelter-in-place order is lifted, however our phones will be answered from the operating mangers home if you need to call with any questions.

Phone hours: M-F 9:30 am-5:00 pm


Payments can be made on our website.

Step-by-Step Directions for Zoom:

Step 1- Click on link in your email

Step 2- Allow Zoom to open Step 3- Sign up or sign in

Step 4- Click the link 

Step 5- Wait for meeting to start 

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