Maneuverability is one of the parts of the final examination that you have to pass before you get your final license. While it is very similar, it has replaced the “parallel parking” exam that used to be given. As long as the student’s skill will allow us to, our instructors will practice during the behind-the-wheel lessons.

Maneuverability Dimensions
(Dotted lines represent two standard parking spaces)

Maneuverability is something that takes practice, very few people can do it only practicing during their lessons. Every car is different and has different dimensions, so the driver must adapt every time they do it. We strongly urge you to come practice in the vehicle that you will be testing in, even if you had it mastered with the instructor.
Here are a few tips that may help
  • Go slow, no need to rush through the course. The faster you go, the less time you have to react.
  • You can use one hand or two hands for this part of the exam, do which ever is more comfortable for you
  • Don’t practice for long periods of time. Once you start to get frustrated take a break for a few minutes, then start again.
Below is a video that might help explain the process of maneuverability. (Please note we are not affiliated with creative solutions, this is just a public video on YouTube we thought might help our students understand what they need to do).


We do not book appointments, however, if you would like to call us when you are on your way we will let you know if there is a set available, or what time them are expected to be returned. We have several sets for rent at a time. We will show you how to set them up, there is a local church nearby that allows us to use their parking lot for practice.

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